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A trip to Zimbabwe would not be complete without exploring the Zambezi River Valley and Victoria Falls, two of the country’s most popular attractions. Combining these two will give you an experience that you won’t soon forget! When it comes to exploring this region, you can rely on Dikop Tours & Safaris to take care of all your transport needs so that you can focus on the sights around you.

More About Zimbabwe

Located at Africa’s geographical heart, Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s most ancient countries. Its people are a diverse mix of several cultures who have lived together for centuries and forged a nation steeped in history. Following independence from Britain in 1980, economic mismanagement, corruption and political persecution wreaked havoc on its economy and business environment. In 2000, concerned about a growing insurgency led by nationalist guerrillas, President Robert Mugabe declared a state of emergency that resulted in mass arrests and prolonged detention without trial for thousands of citizens opposed to his rule. Mugabe won another term last year amid violence-marred elections that Western nations denounced as fraudulent; he remains deeply controversial within his country as well as abroad.

History of Zimbabwe

The oldest kingdom in Zimbabwe is that of Mapungubwe, a kingdom that was founded around 1050 AD and established its capital at Great Zimbabwe near Masvingo. The Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe began as a small polity about 300 AD. In 1450, it encompassed most of modern-day Zimbabwe and extended northwards into what is now Zambia. According to legend, its first king, Nyatsimba Mutota from nearby South Africa, chose it as his royal residence because it was located at a confluence of two rivers that ensured water security. At its peak, between 1200 and 1500 AD; Great Zimbabwe’s population exceeded 70 000 people making it one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest settlements at the time.

Top Destinations in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls (The World’s Biggest Waterfall) Botswana (Experience The Okavango Delta) Hwange National Park (Buckingham Palace of African Parks) Mana Pools National Park (Big Game Wildlife Reserve) Matobo National Park (For Mountain Gorillas And Ruins!) Explore Zimbabwe! Travel like a local in buses, not tourist vans. Experience Africa like a native. Make your trip to Africa unforgettable by booking a safari with us! When it comes to safaris in Africa, we have you covered. We can plan any size trip for you and your family or friends - so don't hesitate to ask!

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