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For the ultimate safari experience, choose to explore Uganda with Dikop Tour & Safari, Africa’s leading wildlife tour operator. With over years of experience, Dikop’s staff has guided and hosted people from all around the world who have come to Uganda to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Whether you want to see Africa’s amazing wildlife or explore the country’s many cultural sights, Dikop Tour & Safari will help you plan the perfect trip for your interests and budget!

More About Uganda

From adventure seekers to honeymooners, from family vacationers to safari junkies and from those who simply want to escape their everyday lives for a spell, many people find themselves imagining what it would be like to spend some time in Uganda. This is an easy destination for anyone’s imagination because of its natural beauty and of course, because of what goes on here. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider planning your next vacation in Uganda: It is home to one of most famous game parks in Africa. The entire country is full of wonder, with grasslands and rainforests that run across rolling hills and sandy beaches along Lake Victoria.

History of Uganda

It is known for its diverse fauna and flora in a variety of protected habitats, including many national parks such as Kibale National Park, Ruwenzori Mountains National Park, Semuliki National Park and several game reserves. Four of Africa’s Great Lakes are partly within Uganda’s borders: Lake Victoria (the second largest lake in Africa), Lake Albert (Lake Edward), Lake Kyoga and Lake Tanganyika (the longest lake in the world). Its other wetlands include Wetlands of international importance like Buvuma Swamp at Jinja; Jambo Creek at Entebbe; Lukaya River at Mbarara-Kabalega and Karuma Falls. The country is also known for its wildlife particularly primates like mountain gorilla, chimpanzees and baboons.

Top Destinations in Uganda

Africa offers an incredibly diverse range of experiences, from wildlife safaris to mountain climbing, trekking and horse riding. And it’s no surprise that many tourists head to East Africa on their first African vacation. There’s plenty to do in Kenya and Tanzania, but one destination stands out as one of our favorites: Uganda. If you’re considering visiting Africa for your next adventure, start your trip in beautiful Uganda.

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