Solo Safaris Tanzania


This one is for all of you independent travellers out there! An African safari is the ideal solitary holiday, despite the widespread misconception that they should only be taken on special occasions or for honeymoons. On safari, everything is taken care of, unlike solo travel in cities where one must figure out how to get about and where it is safe to wander alone at night. Tanzania is relatively secure and accessible, especially for female alone travellers. Why? Because all of our safaris are guided, you are never truly alone because one of our guides is constantly at your side. Any climb up Mount Kilimanjaro will also be true of this.


There are various reasons you could decide to travel alone, like the need to decompress from daily life, the desire to find and see amazing animals, or the want to personally feel the excitement of the wilderness. The ideal opportunity for a little self-enrichment is a safari in Tanzania. Escaping to the bush can be a wonderful adventure of discovery, whether it’s honing your photographic talents on a Tanzania Photo Safari or discovering amazing animal information while out on game drives.



Overall, travelling alone in Tanzania gives you much more time to watch and listen, ponder, and think. While travelling with people may be enjoyable, you are always on the go. You are free to see, hear, and reflect on your surroundings while you are travelling alone and sitting quietly. Your senses will be sharpened, and you will become more aware of minute nuances that you would have missed otherwise. There is no better way to expand your mind than to go alone to a new location, see the cultures, sceneries, and cuisines, and maybe even try to speak in Swahili? When you do it alone, your inner journey is richer.

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