Seven Reasons to Visit Zimbabwe Before it’s Too Late

Visiting Zimbabwe can be an incredible experience, but the country could change dramatically in the near future due to its recent presidential election that has thrown the nation into uncertainty. Though there are several reasons why you should visit Zimbabwe right now, there are even more reasons why you shouldn’t put it off and make sure to check out this African nation while you still can! So if you’re thinking about visiting Zimbabwe, here are seven reasons why you need to do so now before it’s too late!


Shumba Village

In Shumba Village, you’ll get a taste of what life is like in a traditional African village. The thatched-roof huts, the cattle grazing in the fields, and the women doing their laundry in the river are all part of the experience. Plus, you can interact with the villagers and learn about their culture and way of life.


Matusadona National Park

If you’re looking for an African safari that’s a little off the beaten path, Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe should be at the top of your list. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinos. Plus, the views are absolutely stunning. Here are five reasons why you need to visit Matusadona National Park before it’s too late.


Victoria Falls

  1. At 1,708 feet wide, Victoria Falls is one of the world’s largest waterfalls.
  2. It’s also one of the most beautiful, with rainbows often appearing in the mist created by the falling water.
  3. The falls are located on the Zambezi River, which is home to a variety of wildlife including hippos, crocodiles, and elephants.
  4. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities such as whitewater rafting and bungee jumping. 


Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are the largest ancient ruins in Africa, and a must-see for any history lover. The ruins are a reminder of the once-great civilization that inhabited the region, and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Great Zimbabwe is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Waterfalls of Mutare

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa, including the magnificent Mutare Falls. Fed by the mighty Zambezi River, these falls are a must-see for any traveler to the region. Here are seven reasons why you need to visit Zimbabwe before it’s too late:

  1. To see the waterfalls of Mutare.
  2. To experience the culture and history of a country that is often overlooked.


Charara Safari Lodge

Situated in the heart of Hwange National Park, Charara Safari Lodge provides guests with an authentic African safari experience. The lodge offers game drives, walking safaris, and night drives, allowing visitors to see a variety of wildlife up close. In addition to the incredible wildlife, visitors can also enjoy the stunning landscapes and culture of Zimbabwe. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable safari experience, be sure to add Charara Safari Lodge to your list!


Hwange National Park

In addition to its incredible wildlife, Hwange also boasts a variety of landscapes, from riverine forests to plains and savannahs. One of the park’s most notable features is The Burning Plains. Located on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, this expanse of blackened earth is dotted with cacti and baobab trees that are adapted to living in dry climates. With such an abundance of natural beauty, Hwange National Park should be on your list for Zimbabwe travel destinations! Here are seven reasons why you need to visit before it’s too late:

1) Experience the best of both worlds- Animal lovers will enjoy spending time in one of Africa’s most famous parks while nature enthusiasts can explore a desert oasis or go swimming in one of the numerous natural pools.

2) Journey through history- From ancient civilization sites to centuries old Baobab trees, visitors will feel like they have travelled back in time as they take a tour through history.

3) Feel like royalty- Sitting atop Mount Nyangani, guests will have 360 degree views which include Botswana and Zambia, so taking some time to relax at Titchfield House may seem like being treated like royalty after trekking across Africa all day.

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