Family Safaris


Tanzania is one of the top travel places in the world for family safari trips. Where else can you visit the beloved animals that served as the inspiration for a dozen Disney films or fit healthful outdoor recreation into once-in-a-lifetime, family-friendly itineraries? Seeing your child’s excitement when they see their first stately cheetah or wallowing hippo is one of life’s greatest joys. We assure you that the parents will be just as awestruck as the kids, whether you go to see chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains National Park or see The Great Migration of Wildebeest in the Serengeti National Park.


Tanzanian family safari vacations include a variety of adventurous pursuits and a wealth of attractions to appeal to everybody. A family safari is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your children to the outdoors and wildlife, nurturing their love and wonder for both creatures and the natural world. We will design a personalised schedule that is filled with activities to satisfy the interests of every member of the family because all of our Tanzania safaris are customised to your family’s needs. Children have such a love for the world that we frequently discover that family safaris have a stronger feeling of wonder than other types of visits. Children’s safaris may also serve as engaging outdoor schools where kids can learn about African animals.


Your children will learn about the marvels of nature beyond the walls of a school, from following and interpreting animal footprints to recognising excrement. On an African safari, there are teachable moments everywhere, so your kids will gain a genuine understanding of the significance of Africa’s distinctive species and ecology as well as how to preserve it for future generations. One of the finest ways to explore Tanzania is to take part in one (or more) of our Dikop Tanzania Experiences, which include meeting the locals, learning about their culture and way of life, and even getting a chance to try out their pottery-making and hunting techniques, among other activities.

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