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Do you want to go on an active safari in Tanzania? Do you long to travel Tanzania on foot rather than in a safari vehicle? This amazing nation provides exhilarating active trekking, bicycling, and walking trips that get you out of the land cruiser and allow you the chance to explore the wilderness and connect with local people on a far deeper way. If you’re looking for a somewhat more laid-back trip, learn more about our custom safaris in Tanzania. If this kind of adventure safari in Tanzania appeals to you, you might also like to check out our guide to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.


On your Tanzanian adventure trip, you get to decide what happens. Why not visit the chimpanzee population in Mahale Mountains National Park and explore the surrounding jungle? The Mahale Mountains are the best place in Africa for chimpanzee tracking in addition to being a breathtakingly beautiful spot on the far borders of Lake Tanganyika. In fact, not just in Tanzania, but perhaps anywhere in the globe, this is the pinnacle primate experience.


One of the greatest ways to learn about Tanzania’s trees, plants, and birds while also getting up up and personal with the animals is to go on a walking safari with a qualified guide or ranger. Anyone with a fair level of fitness may enjoy the thrilling experience of hiking to the ice peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth and the highest mountain in Africa.

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