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About Dikop Tours & Safari

Embrace the Best of Tanzania’s Beauty

Dikop Tours & Safari is a tapestry of adventure, discovery, and culture. We’ll take you to the exact spots where big cats are making their home, reveal what makes the Tanzanian people such one-of-a-kind hosts, and help you celebrate the country’s rich local cultures. Get an authentic taste of Tanzania’s authentic Africa as you explore new cities, places, and dream destinations. 

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Making Your Dream of Travelling Possible

Dikop Tours & Safari is a leading travelling and tour destination company. With more than eight years of experience in the travel & tourism industry, we have to build an excellent reputation among our clients. 


Our dedicated and experienced staff, along with effective management and marketing experts, ensure that you have a great time on your vacations. Our tour destinations range from Northern, Western, Eastern, Southern regions of Tanzania to East Africa. We offer your custom-tailor packages as per our clients’ specifications, budget, and travel reservations.


Our custom-tailor packages are designed keeping in mind your financial constraints and varied interests.


We explore marvellous destinations ranging from trekking expeditions mountain climbing to safari and more.


The best way to begin the journey of exploration is by getting the proper guidance and team.

Why Dikop Tours & Safari?

There are many Safari Tour Companies out there. Then why choose us?


The value system at Dikop Tours & Safari is what keeps us moving forward and deliver outstanding customer services to our clients.


Here are the best reasons that make our company special for our customers:



We like to be upfront and honest about our services. This make us different from the other travelling firms.



We encourage team building to strengthen our relationships, expertise, and knowledge with our clients and the team itself.



Respect is what makes us earn a great reputation in the industry. At Dikoptours, we value human dignity, diversity and establish polite relations.



Service quality is one of our most essential values, which demands all our effort, determination, and courage to succeed in what we are doing and the services we are providing.



We keep our communication strong and transparent throughout time. Conducting selective and conscious communication help us be in our best behaviour and attitude.


Community and Environment

Through Exploring with Dikop Tours & Safaris, this is your great opportunity to be part of and help the local community through the percent of your payment goes directly to help the communitywith different difficulties from Children’s to Elders with needs. It’s time give back to the local community while enjoy the worthwhile travel experience. Since your travel will be genuinely connect to and touch and change people’s life.







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